Paul Hahn Piano TunerTuning is important for your piano’s health and aural quality. Pianos are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and in Toronto, we experience wild swings each year (sometimes within the same season)! The best way we know how to mitigate these stresses on your piano is to tune it regularly. Even if your piano is not played, tuning it maintains the structural integrity of the instrument.

Tuning Prices

$95.00 + HST ($12.35) = $107.35*

$125.66 + HST ($16.33) = $142.00*

$240.00 + HST $31.20 = $271.20*

*City Of Toronto price, includes Etobicoke, North York, East York & Scarborough – mileage charge to apply if outside city limits


We offer pre-paid discounted tuning packages. Pre-paying takes the hassle and planning out of piano maintenance, giving you peace of mind that your instrument will be looked after for the year. Contact us for details: the more tunings you purchase, the more you save. This is a popular option for churches, studios, synagogues, music schools, or homes where pianos see heavy use.

Pitch Raise

Pitch raise is the term we use to describe the slow addition of tension to a piano’s strings. It’s effectively two tunings of the piano, to achieve tonal stability. It’s usually recommended if a piano has not been tuned in a long time, has been heavily used, or has been exposed to a significant change of climate. While this is more expensive than a standard tuning, it’s ultimately good news as it means that your piano is still tunable.

Important Information

Our standard tuning rate is $125.66 plus HST ($142.00). This assumes that the piano can be brought to pitch in under an hour and a half. If the piano has not been tuned in a long time or is in poor condition, it may require a pitch raise. If our technician deems that a pitch raise is necessary, they will require your permission to proceed. (Please note: if you decline the pitch raise, we cannot guarantee the stability of the tuning.) The price of a pitch raise is $240.00 + HST ($271.20)

If the piano is not tuneable (will not hold the required tension), you will receive a written estimate for the necessary repairs and an invoice for a service call ($95 + HST). If you proceed with the suggested repairs, we will credit the service call amount to the repair bill.

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