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The right piano for you is a personal choice. Our basement is filled with grand and upright pianos in line to be beautifully restored in our workshop. If you have a particular finish or style in mind, or need to accommodate a limited budget, we recommend contacting or visiting us. We can help you select a hidden gem to be restored, and customize the final piece to suit your preferences and tastes. This collection of instruments is always changing.

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Steinway & sons

We maintain a hand-picked selection of classic Steinway & Sons grands and uprights, with an emphasis on pianos made in their ‘golden era’ of production. Many changes to the manufacturing process at Steinway have resulted in new Steinway pianos that are poor imitations of the quality pianos that were once proudly manufactured in New York.


Heintzman, like Steinway, too had a golden era of manufacturing. These pianos, manufactured at the Junction factory in Toronto, are the ones we source and restore.These pianos are truly ‘Toronto’ – designed for Toronto homes, and using local woods, these instruments have stood the test of time and represent incredible value when restored.


Our inventory of Yamaha grands and uprights is hand picked. Each Yamaha goes through our workshop, where it is returned to original playing condition by our team of restoration technicians before it is placed in our showroom.
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