Our pianos are maintained in concert-ready condition by our team of technicians.

We’d love to supply one of our pianos for your next event.

Our prices range from $550 for a small upright to $2,000 for our Steinway Concert Grand for a one day or overnight rental. Additional days range from $50 – $100. Monthly rentals are available. Please inquire.

On-site tuning is recommended after delivery, and ranges from $125.66 for a single post-delivery tuning to $250 for post delivery tuning & touch-up, to $600 for a technician on-site for a full day.

If the piano must be lifted on to a stage, an additional charge of $100 to $400 will apply, depending on the size of the piano and the difficulty of the stage lift.

If the piano must be picked up outside of normal business hours, or must be delivered/picked up at a specific time, an additional charge of $400 – $600 will apply for each.

If the piano must be carried up stairs, there will be an additional $5 – $10 charge per stair for both delivery and pick-up.

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