• NORDHEIMER 5FT GRAND $8,800.00 + HST (Was $10,000)

    5ft Nordheimer SG-148 – perfect starter or second piano. $8,800 + HST includes delivery in Toronto, pre-delivery service, matching bench, first in-home tuning, five year warranty and one year full price exchange (less cartage costs). *This is not a black piano FYI - the case is high polish red mahogany. READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Kawai Grand Model 750 - 7'4" (Was $40,000 - now $28,500)


    FINISH: Satin Ebony
    CITY: Hamamatsu, Japan
    YEAR: 1964
    SIZE: 7’4″
    Among our customers are many churches, recording studios and concert halls. Whenever they have invested in a piano like this, they have seen a return on their investments almost immediately. The ‘pianist grapevine’ is a real thing, and the pros all know where the good instruments are. When deciding where to perform, or where to record, those venues with a well maintained, semi or full concert sized piano are short listed. A new Kawai 7’4″ piano costs $61,000 USD – We’re offering this piano at a fraction of that price.  This piano was obtained from a private home, and was loved, and never heavily played. It’s everything you love in a Kawai, at a fraction of the price of new.
  • Steinway Model P Upright was $25,000 now $15,000

    Steinway Model P Upright, with the original matching bench.  Manufactured in 1941, housing the original ivory keys in immaculate condition.  Considered Art Deco in design, finished in Farrow and Ball paint colour "BRINJAL".  This piano will allow you to own a Steinway at a Yamaha price. READ FULL ARTICLE
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