STORY & CLARK ‘Storytone’

STORY & CLARK ‘Storytone’


Please note: this is NOT the Storytone in our collection. 

Product Details

Finish: Original Lacquer
City: Chicago, Illinois
Year: 1939
Size: 38″ T x 59″ W x 26″ D
The National Music Centre has one in their ‘Director’s Picks’ collection ––clark-storytone?ctx=efed275b-3e3e-4786-9fd0-cc15063112d2&idx=21

Here is part of their description from the NMC website:

The Storytone was the first commercial electric piano, making its public debut at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. Featuring an Art Deco style characteristic of the era, the instrument simulated the design of an acoustic piano but replaced the soundboard with a series of magnetic pick-ups, along with a vacuum tube-based amplifier. Unlike later electric pianos like the Wurlitzer 200, the Storytone didn’t quite capture the imagination of popular musicians—only 500 were produced and the instrument is now extremely rare.

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