Nordheimer ‘Minto’ in Farrow & Ball ‘Off Black’

Nordheimer ‘Minto’ in Farrow & Ball ‘Off Black’


Product Details

Finish: Farrow & Ball ‘Off Black’
City: Toronto, ON
Year: 1945
A Classic With A Modern Flair! This model was named after Lord Minto, the 8th Governor General of Canada. Uniquely Canadian, this piano speaks to universal themes that are unique to this country: aspiring but humble, steadfast, elegant in its simplicity, and much, much better than that which we used to taking credit.
Our friends at Farrow & Ball guided our finish choice: this really must be seen in person to appreciate – there is a depth and sheen to the finish that is frankly stunning. A mellow tone and even touch are what we would expect from a Nordheimer, and the finish is the final invitation to sit down and play.
Matching bench, 5 year warranty, delivery to main floor in Toronto, first in-home tuning, pre-delivery service and one year exchange all included in the purchase price.
$12,500.00 + HST
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