‘Howard’ by Kawai 5ft (Audio Clip)

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‘Howard’ by Kawai 5ft (Audio Clip)

Grand Piano

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Finish: Satin Ebony
City: Hamamatsu, Japan
Year: 1968
Size: 5’1″
This is a ‘Howard’ branded piano, manufactured for Baldwin by Kawai. It is essentially a Kawai KG1 model. This has a stunningly excellent scale design – a really even, sweet voice across the entire keyboard. We’ve repaired the soundboard, replaced the pinblock, repinned and restrung the piano. We’ve also replaced the damper felts and hammers and regulated the action. If you’re interested in a cosmetically perfect piece of furniture, this is not the piano for you. The finish is showing it’s age, with a few knicks and knocks on the case. But for any level of player, this is a fantastic small grand. We had some leftover silver lacquer from a recent Steinway plate respraying, so this little gem has some extra character: a silver plate.
Price Includes Delivery in the city to the first floor of your home, 5 year comprehensive warranty, first in-home tuning after delivery, pre-delivery service, matching bench, and one year exchange offer.
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