Hardman Peck – Cabinet Upright

Hardman Peck – Cabinet Upright


Product Details

Finish: Custom Finish Available
City: New York, New York
Year: 1954
Size: 40″ T x 18″ D x 55″ W
When I saw this piano, I just had to bring it in to the store. It doesn’t sound great, due to the tiny soundboard and short strings. The keyboard is higher than most, so it’s hard to find a bench that works, and if you’re a man of average height, your knees don’t have anywhere to go…
But it’s a fantastic little musical thing. I have images of it as a front hall piano. Closed up as a surface for keys and wallets, but immediately useful if one is waiting for a partner to get ready. Just play a little tune while you wait! It could also be used to announce guests: perhaps the funeral march when the in-laws visit? That’s Amore when the pizza arrives? Chopsticks for Chinese delivery? It needs the attention of our technicians – the keytops need to be replaced and who knows what action design horrors will be revealed when they start – but I’m confident that they’ll get as much out of it as is humanly possible. I’d like to finish it with a Farrow & Ball colour, to give it a real personality, though it would be beautiful refinished in a medium walnut. Someone should buy it now, so that they can make the decision about what to do with the finish before I do.

– Jeremy Elliott

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