BALDWIN Hamilton

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BALDWIN Hamilton


Product Details

Finish: Satin Ebony
City: Conway, Arkansas
Year: 1990
Size: 45″ T x 57″ W x 25″ D
The Baldwin piano has earned the reputation that it enjoys. Rugged, and built to a standard that has all but disappeared in the USA, this piano will last, and last, and last. We have a soft spot for this model. In the 1960’s, we were the Baldwin dealer in Toronto, and sold dozens. We continue to maintain several and our technician’s remarks are always the same: incredible stability, great sound, and great touch. We also have one left from our original 1960’s stock that is part of our rental fleet. It is used primarily for broadway musical style rehearsals and vocal accompaniment. The sheer number of miles on that piano would bury most other instruments, but ours keeps on going, and going, and going.
They also hold their value remarkably well. You’ll rarely see one for sale on the usual classified sites because they sell so quickly.
Pound for pound, the Baldwin ‘Hamilton’ represents fantastic value. It’s a cliché, but they don’t make many like this anymore, and certainly not at this price.

Price includes:

Delivery to main floor in Toronto
Matching Bench
First in-home tuning
5 year comprehensive warranty
1 Year Full Price exchange offer

MON - SAT: 9am-6pm
THURS: 9am-7pm

OR available any other
time by appointment

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