We've been breathing new life in to old pianos by re-imagining how they look, which changes how they fit in to our lives. Often older pianos no longer fit our decor. If they're also a bit tired, and we aren't really playing, they join thousands of their contemporaries in piano heaven. But what if there was a way to not only keep them, but make them a featured part of your home? Enter custom finishing. Ask us today about custom finishing your piano! 



    Our piano studio has never been busier, so much so, in fact, that the Kawai grand in our basement that we'd used occasionally for any overflow, is now being played frequently. The studio is generally in use with regular bookings in the mid and late afternoon, but there is availability during the day during the week. Please give us a call to book your time. The price is still $20/hr, which includes the tax. 


    We've increased our service offerings by adding in-house piano moving. We saw a need for a well organized, professional, licensed and insured piano moving service, so we created one. We're calling it Rosedale Piano Movers. This gives us a real advantage in the business, and is a sign of our respect for our customer. We'll arrive when we say we will. And we'll make sure that there are no surprises. We've assembled a crew of experienced and friendly piano movers. It's a welcome addition to the suite of Paul Hahn & Co. services. 

    All moves will be arranged by the Paul Hahn & Co. staff, or directly through the 'RPM' website. We're currently offering a 20% discount if you book your move online, so head over to to get a quote. You can also book by calling the store at 416-922-3122. We're planning regular trips out of town, so don't hesitate to get in touch, even if your piano move isn't local. 


    Spring is a busy time of year for our technicians, who criss-cross the city, and lately a lot of the province, tuning and repairing pianos in our customer's homes. This is our annual appeal to please book your spring tuning as soon as possible. The longer you wait to book, the longer it will take to get to your piano, Especially if you have children preparing for a spring recital, give them the advantage of practicing on a tuned piano. The change in season stresses your instrument, and a little TLC from one of our techs goes a long way. 

    . Our technicians are available six days a week. Please call to arrange your appointment. 416-922-3122. We charge $125.66 + HST ($142.00)  to tune in the City Of Toronto. We will tune anywhere we're asked to go! Give us a call if you're outside of our immediate service area and we'll be pleased to set something up. 

    Paul Hahn Piano Tuner


    Our pianos have been recently been featured in music videos, in performance and on record. Some recent highlights include:

        • Steinway & Sons Model B  used by David Braid to record the Chet Baker movie 'Born To Be Blue' soundtrack.
        • Steinway & Sons Model B  used by BADBADNOTGOOD on their new record 'IV'.
        • Yamaha G3  featured in the Shawn Mendes video for 'Mercy'.
        • Shawn Mendes Yamaha Paul Hahn & Co.
        • Everett featured in the video for Micheal Buble's single 'Nobody But Me' 
        • Steinway & Sons Model D used by Metric in the recording of their new (as yet untitled) album
        • A Steinway & Sons Square Grand used in the TV Show 'The Strain 
        • A Steinway & Sons Model M used in the TV Show 'The Vampire Diaries' 


    We currently have four 7ft pianos in stock. Two Steinway B's and two Kawai grands. One of the model B's has been our rental 7ft for years, so it hasn't been for sale. We're ready to sell it if it sets anyone's heart on fire. It's been maintained as a concert instrument for the last 20 years. When it's gone out on rental, the comment has often come back from the client that it was one of their favourite pianos to play, ever. The other Steinway B was (legend has it) - the piano that was the instrument used for the first performance of the Hockey Night In Canada theme by the composer. 

    The Kawai GS-70 was the product of a long search by the original owner and maintained to a degree we rarely see in private pianos. It's pristine - we've tuned it and regulated the action, but it's otherwise immaculate and original. It has a nice dark tone - not something normally associated with a Kawai piano. 

    The Kawai 750 has been getting a workout in our lower level - more use than it had seen in the decades before we acquired it. It might sound crazy, but the more it's played, the happier it sounds. It would be a perfect mid-priced grand for a studio, church or venue. They're all here and in 'sit down and play' condition. It never hurts to call ahead if you'd like to check them out, but they're here. 

    Check it out here on our inventory page.


    We had a great time working with the creative team at Indigo Books this spring to provide a custom finish on a Heintzman Grand. It's featured at the new Indigo location at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke. It's an amazing store, and we were thrilled that there's a piece of Toronto and Paul Hahn living there. We have been performing an increasing number of custom finishes for our customers - ask us today - we're ready!


    We offer piano lessons in our Steinway studio. Our teacher Mila Savir has room in her teaching schedule for two students. While Mila can teach any age, she is particularly interested in instilling a love of playing in children. Whether it's for RCM exam prep, or simply beginning a lifetime of musical expression, Mila is a wonderful teacher and companion on that journey. Please call the store to inquire. 416-922-3122Mila Svinarenko


    If you're planning to move, we can help. Whether you're getting a bigger space that will finally fit the grand you've been dreaming of, or you're downsizing to a more manageable home and need a smaller piano, we can help. Too often we are being contacted by people in the middle of a move, who have realized too late that they have a  piano 'emergency' on their hands. Call us ahead of your move, and we can help you consider your options.

    Steinway & Sons 1098 Detail


    We've been recording pianists of all stripes playing our pianos in the showroom. One customer, whose musical community is spread all over the world, sent links to recordings of two pianos she was considering, and together, they were able to arrive at a consensus. Incredible! Here's our SoundCloud page: take a moment to listen. We're constantly updating the page, so check back often!


    Please get in touch. We answer every call and read every email. We rely on the private market to obtain most of our inventory. Even if your piano doesn't fit our current need, we're always glad you called. If your piano isn't a match for us, we can help you obtain top dollar on the private market: a tuning and going-over by a Paul Hahn & Co. technician will set your piano apart from the hundreds for sale online that haven't been maintained for years.


    We are now able to accept payment online! If you have an invoice from us, you can find the 'Make A Payment' option in the main menu heading or by clicking here.

    Paul Hahn Gallery 


    We are pleased to present another fantastic exhibition curated by Lucia Graca of ANALOGUE GALLERY. This collection includes portraits of The Clash, Ice Cube, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder and John Lennon by such well known photographers as Sheila Rock, Janet Beckman, Danny Clinch and Joan Latchford.

    Paul Hahn Showroom
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