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    Our Awesome Autumn Sale!



    Here are some great deals on some great pianos,

    perfect for the student, studio, or home!


    Yamaha P2 Upright $5,500, now just $4,500!


    A sweet little Walnut beauty, just perfect for condos or other small spaces,
    this make and model of piano has been a staple in music studios and colleges everywhere!


    Quidoz Miniature Grand $6,500


    A lovely little "miniature" grand piano finished in cherry red,
    this is a stunning show piece, very rare, and very unusual!


    YAMAHA P2 UPRIGHT $7,500 now, just $5,500!

    The Yamaha P2 upright has long been a favourite for music studios and schools, as its sturdy design lends itself to hard work and serious study. This piano has been fully reconditioned in our workshop, with new strings and tuning pins, new hammers and dampers, and regulated to perfection. It has also been refinished in a classic hand-rubbed satin ebony finish. The perfect piano for the serious musician!


    NORDHEIMER SG-148 $10,000 now, just $8,800!

      Nordheimer SG-148
    5ft Nordheimer SG-148 – perfect starter or second piano. $8,800 + HST includes delivery in Toronto, pre-delivery service, matching bench, first in-home tuning, five year warranty and one year full price exchange (less cartage costs). *This is not a black piano FYI – the case is high polish red mahogany. 

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