Wurlitzer "Butterfly" grand

WURLITZER ‘Butterfly’ Grand


DeKalb, Illinois

c. 1937

This is a very rare piano, prized by collectors. Manufactured by Wurlitzer in 1937 and marketed to people living in small homes or apartments, very few of these were ever made. Known as the ‘butterfly’, the piano is symmetrical, and the lid is hinged in the middle, giving the appearance of ‘wings’.
It has a 73 note keyboard, but this is the only compromise. It is, in every respect, a real grand, but in a small, unique case.

It has been given a custom finish inspired by the Louboutin shoe- the bottom of the butterfly lid is finished in red.
We have kept the original needlepoint benchtop that arrived with the piano, but that could be easily changed to match the finish.

While this piano will never be a performance instrument, our workshop team has conjured a lovely tone, and a smooth touch out of this little piano.

Price includes:

• Matching Bench
• Comprehensive pre-delivery service
• Five year warranty
• Free Delivery within the GTA
• One year “Trade-Up” at full value
• One free in-home tuning.

Price: $28,000