Piattino Caster Cups

Piattino Caster Cups

Piano Sound: Reducing Transmision

Is your piano sound causing a concern for neighbours in your building? These caster cups were designed in Germany, where most people live in apartments, to deal with the exact problem you are facing. A large number of my clients live in New York city, and are serious players with grand pianos in apartment buildings. They often consult the Steinway Company for help, and Steinway refers them to me for this product.

Acoustic Insulating for Pianos

The Piattino Caster Cups are a special acoustic insulating device that the wheels of the piano rest on. The Piattino caster cups are conceived to put an acoustic break between the piano and the building structure to cut down the vibration that is transferred from the instrument into the floor and the rooms below.

Caster Cups for Upright and Grand Pianos

The Piattino Castor Cups come in different sizes, and can be used both on grand pianos and upright pianos. They are high quality and guaranteed to give years of good service. They are an economical way to change the acoustics between your piano and the surrounding structure.

Set of 3 regular size brass caster cups: $90/each x 3 = $270.00 + HST ($305.10)