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After meeting with the charities we assist, we have agreed that they will no longer cover the hard costs associated with donations.

This service that we administrate is strictly for the donation of usable, well maintained pianos to worthy recipients. If you have an old piano that you just want to sell, give away, or scrap, please click here.

In order for Paul Hahn & Co. to assist with the donation process, it must be tuned and assessed by a Paul Hahn & Co. technician. We offer this service in Toronto for $300 + HST, and do not guarantee that the piano will be a suitable candidate. Donors are required to cover the cost of tuning, assessment and moving. Main floor to main floor in the City of Toronto costs $250 + HST without any stairs. Minor repairs to render a piano suitable for donation are also performed at the donor’s expense.

“We really appreciated Chris’ time and advice when he came to tune the piano.  We ended up giving it to someone whose children will benefit from it. Thanks to you and everyone at Paul Hahn for their timely help this summer.  Your customer service and quality work were very much appreciated.”

– Frank L.



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