A Note For Our American Friends

Hello to our American friends from the Great White North!

Throughout history, the Canadian dollar has risen and fallen in relation to the American dollar. This winter, the Canadian dollar is worth less than $0.70 USD. What does this mean? This means that RIGHT NOW is an amazing opportunity for Americans to acquire a rebuilt high quality piano for much, much less. On top of the exchange savings, Americans do not pay local sales tax. We deliver anywhere in the Continental US. Even with shipping costs, savings on rebuilt Steinways are too good to be ignored. A new Steinway Model M lists for $66,300 USD. A rebuilt version of this model from the golden age of Steinway sells for $40,000 CDN, which is $27459.33 USD.

We have experienced a spike in interest in our inventory of rebuilt pianos from American customers, and have been making regular delivery trips across the border. While our reputation was built locally on our pre and post delivery care, this is difficult to achieve outside of our service area. We are building a network of technicians across the US who we feel are able to provide a standard of care consistent with our core values and our hard-earned, 100 year reputation.

Our current inventory of rebuilt pianos represents the greatest value, as they were rebuilt with American parts we purchased before the exchange rate changed so drastically. So long as the exchange rate stays near where it is, our pianos will continue to represent incredible savings for our American customers.

We will update the prices weekly, and they are accurate at the time of writing. At the bottom of the post you will find an embedded Bank Of Canada exchange rate. We will try to keep this updated, but it was accurate at the time of writing.

Why haven’t you heard about this yet? The most likely reason is that dealers of new pianos are confined to a particular territory. This is true in both the US and Canada. As such, Canadian dealers are not able to advertise this opportunity south of the border. Because we don’t deal in new instruments, we are free to advertise anywhere we wish.

Shipping costs are, of course, lower the closer the delivery is to us. Recently, sending a grand piano to Cleveland cost $3500 USD door to door. This is a trip of approximately 600 miles from our store. We can assist with all the necessary paperwork and all shipping logistics. Like a local piano move, number of stairs, difficulty of the delivery can add to the cost.

Due to a change in law, we are not able to export pianos with ivory keys to the United States.

You can see our inventory by clicking on this link. Please feel free to call us toll free at 1-877-674-2662 or sending us an email at info@paulhahn.com

You will receive a reply right away.

Here are some examples of pianos in our inventory and what they cost in USD Vs. Canadian dollars:

Steinway B

1917 Steinway & Sons Model B – Completely Rebuilt Canadian Price: $55,000 + HST ($7,150.00) = $62,150.00 US Price: $37,894.45

Steinway & Sons Model M

1969 Steinway & Sons Model M Canadian Price: $40,000 + HST ($5,200) = $45,200.00 US Price: $27,559.60

Steinway & Sons Model A

Steinway & Sons Model A1 Canadian Price; $55,000 + HST ($7,150) = $62,150 US Price: $37,894.45


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