Our Awesome Autumn Sale!



Here are some great deals on some great pianos,

perfect for the student, studio, or home!


Yamaha P2 Upright $5,500, now just $4,500!



A sweet little Walnut beauty, just perfect for condos or other small spaces,
this make and model of piano has been a staple in music studios and colleges everywhere!


Quidoz Miniature Grand $6,500


A lovely little “miniature” grand piano finished in cherry red,
this is a stunning show piece, very rare, and very unusual!


NORDHEIMER SG-148 $10,000 now, just $8,800!


Nordheimer SG-148

5ft Nordheimer SG-148 – perfect starter or second piano. $8,800 + HST includes delivery in Toronto, pre-delivery service, matching bench, first in-home tuning, five year warranty and one year full price exchange (less cartage costs). *This is not a black piano FYI – the case is high polish red mahogany. 

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