As the days get shorter, there’s a snap in the air. After a summer of leisure and carefree relaxation, we turn our attention back to the ancient rhythm of storing and provisioning for the long, cold winter ahead.

But too often we forget that not only do our bodies need sustenance, so too do our souls. The enjoyment of music, both heard and played, offers some respite during the months where we are cooped up inside. Here are three ways we can help you get through the winter.  


A well selected, well placed piano can brighten the darkest room. Perhaps the season will inspire you like it did for Joseph Kosma, to compose your own ‘Autumn Leaves’. The darkest, shortest day can be brightened by having music in your home.

INVITE US TO TUNE YOUR PIANO: The best thing you can do to protect your piano during the change of season is to have it professionally tuned. As humidity gives way to dry air, and your indoor environment changes, your piano experiences stress. Left unchecked, this can cause damage, or shorten the lifespan of your piano. But most importantly, a tuned piano is an invitation to sit down and play. Give yourself that invitation by inviting us to tune your piano. 

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL PIANIST TO PERFORM IN YOUR HOME: If you are entertaining at all this winter, whether hosting a dinner party or the annual holiday get-together, add an element that will create a memory for your family and friends. Especially if the piano is only seldom used, it is a treat to hear it put through it’s paces by a professional. It costs less than you may think, and it is an automatic upgrade for any event. Please contact us – we’ll be happy to refer you to one of the many fantastic pianists we know. 


Effective September 1st, our service prices have increased. This replaces our former price list that had been in effect since June 2015.

A standard tuning visit in the City Of Toronto is now $132.74 + HST ($150.00). Service calls, pitch raises, assessments are all part of our pricing review. Although we make every effort to maintain the most competitive pricing possible, several factors made these adjustment prudent for us. 

Thank you for your business and continued support of our efforts to provide first class piano service. 


We are offering three fantastic grands at incredible sale prices. You can see them by following this link to our sale page. 

5’10” SAMICK GRAND –  $9,800 – Piano Teachers Take Note! – A robust grand at a good size, this piano will support hours of daily playing without complaint. 

5′ NORDHEIMER GRAND – $8,800 – Perfect starter grand! – If you’ve ever wanted a grand piano without breaking the bank, this is the piano for you. At only 5ft it has a footprint small enough to fit any space, and has many elegant features normally found on larger, more expensive grand pianos: oversize concert-style legs, double-wide casters, a duet concert bench. It has a deep red high polish mahogany case – a premium feature normally found on more expensive pianos. 

7′ KAWAI GRAND – Please Inquire – Recording Studios and Places Of Worship: This is for you! This piano has been used on recording sessions at the store and has been praised for its evenness of tone by engineers, and supple action and dynamic tone by pianists. This piano is too big for most homes – so we’re offering it at a fantastic price as a working piano. Any church music programme would be immediately lifted by this instrument. A recording studio looking for that big piano option without overspending on a piano that may or may not see a lot of use should pay attention. 


Adding in-house piano moving has been a fantastic addition to our suite of services. It’s given us a flexibility that we’ve lacked in the past, and for the first time, we’re able to commit to delivery times for our customers – whether we’re delivering a piano we’ve sold, purchased, delivering privately, or bringing in or out for repair. 

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