The new year is a chance to renew our commitments to the things that matter most. Perhaps you have decided that you are going send more time playing the piano this year. Perhaps you’ve also decided that your piano just isn’t inspiring you like it used to. If these thoughts have crossed your mind, we can help! 


Our inventory of hand-picked, restored on-site pianos offers a wide variety of sizes, styles and prices. Since we aren’t bound by a handful of brand relationships, we can find what you’re looking for, even if we don’t have it in stock. Before you buy elsewhere, we invite you to consider a piano from Paul Hahn & Co. We’re not for everybody, but remember that unlike the other stores, we’re, like you, buyers first. Before we add anything to our inventory we undertake a rigorous process to ensure that every piano meets our standards. Add the expertise of our workshop technicians to restore every piano we acquire to like-new condition, and we have a combination that has been the choice of families in Toronto for over 100 years. While clicking here is a great way to see what we have ready to deliver, a visit to our store is a chance to encounter the dozens of hidden treasures in our lower level that we have yet to restore in our workshop. 


Every piano needs increasing amounts of TLC as it ages, and at some point, has given you everything it can, and needs semi-heroic measures to bring it back to life. A tired piano simply doesn’t invite us to play, and when we do find the motivation to sit down and make music and the result is less than inspiring, we won’t play for long. 

Make the decision to at least ask us for a professional opinion. We will visit and tune your piano, and provide you with a written estimate for the restoration of your piano. Whether or not it is ‘worth doing’ is an impossible question to answer until you have the information you need to make a decision. We charge $250 + HST in Toronto and we can usually have a technician on your doorstep within 24 hours of your phone call. 


If your piano hasn’t been tuned in over a year, it needs tuning. If you’re not having your piano tuned because nobody is playing it, we say, of course they’re not! A piano that needs tuning is not a piano that anyone finds themselves drawn to sit down and play. Even if the piano won’t be played by anyone, regular maintenance is the best way we know to protect your piano. And if it inspires you to sit down and make music, so much the better. Our standard tuning rate in Toronto is $150, which includes HST. You can even book by clicking this link and using our online booking form. 



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